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Declare a training organization

Annex 11 to the RACR-LPAN ULM - Organization Statement

Organization security policy

Statement on the material basis of the Organization

Aerodrome use form

Aircraft use form

With the exception of Annex 11, all other forms are for information purposes only and may be amended.

The legislative framework on Declared Training Organizations can be found in RACR-LPAN ULM, Chapter 5.

For the initial declaration of a training organization, you must send in original to the Romanian Aeroclub, Annex 11 to RACR-LPAN ULM, accompanied by the following forms. To update the information of an DTO, it is necessary to submit a new statement, Annex 11, in the original, containing the updated data. In the case of the use of uncertified aircraft, you must also include those with the right to train on them.

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